墨子 I Mozi - Hidden bar in a Barbershop

Published on July 26, 2019 by Lily Lin

Hidden on a small alley located in the heart of Taipei Da'an District, lies one of our most iconic shops: 墨子 I Mozi

Mozi is a British-inspired barbershop, where they will not only cut your hair there, but might also serve you some special cocktails.

The fusion of Taiwanese and Western culture reigning here will make you feel like a Chilling Taiwanese Hipster.

- Are you getting tired of always having the same hairstyle ?

- Wanna have a fresh look but you don’t know where to go ? 

- Fancying having a drink while getting your haircut done ?


Our editor, Elsa, is going to introduce you the barbershop that will make all of your wishes come true.


During daytime, Mozi is like any other barbershop, you can get your beard done, do your hair... But things are getting a bit more exciting when the sun goes down, the place being quickly turned into a fashion dining tavern.


When the magic happens, they're not going to only take care of your appearance but will also take care of your appetite. Ready to hear more details about their offering ?

Mozi is defining "love and mutual benefit" as their core value.

With such an idea in mind, the team at Mozi is committed to promote its cross-cultural and multi-fields knowledge. Each member of the team has more than ten years of experience. They hope to create a friendly environment to share and learn from each other, the guests coming to Mozi being able to experience the best and most valuable services.


A comfortable open space with a bright environment

As soon as entering the shop, you will feel that the team working here really insist on giving you the best they have to offer.

Have you seen the movie "Kingsman"?

Instead of finding weaponry such as pistols and bullets, you will find here some suitcases filled with barber accessories. This is original, and this is showing a certain sense of professionalism and consistency in what they are doing.

Barbershop V.S. General Hair Salon

Most of my friends do not know what are the differences between a Barbershop and a General Hair Salon. The word "Barber" is derived from the a Latin word "Beard", referring to someone who cut hair and beards for Men.

Barber's haircuts are so called as "Pompadour". It originally comes from the name of Madame De Pompadour, Louis XIV's mistress, which was a common style of combing hair back and keeping them loose on the forehead.

If you're interested to know what is the process when you come to Mozi to enjoy one of their amazing barber services, here's how they put it together:

1 - After first checking the shape of your face, they will apply a hot towel to soften your beard root

2 - They will then apply the shaving foam, and again another round of hot compress to thoroughly soften the beard root.

3 - After putting on the shaving foam again, you can start to enjoy the shaving process.

4 - After delicate cleaning, enjoy their exclusive cold compress service to accelerate pore contraction.

5 - Facial care soothing and moisturising.

After such a meticulous process, Men will really feel like they were a British gentleman. It sounds so trendy that even I wanna try it !

And by the way, who said that only Men have the right to go to the Barbershop ?

If Barbershops are well known for their Pompadour hairstyle, there is another one that is popular in the Barber world. Also known as the "Flying hair", it’s actually called "Fading" in English.

You just have to shave both sides and leave the top intact. Fading can be used to do a lot of looks, in addition to the basic one, from shallow to deep. You can also add dyeing to it, perm, and many different other additions.

For ladies who might not want to have a  "Pompadour" or a "Fading ", Mozi still offer many other choices for them.

As you can see, there are a lot of variety of looks, giving you the freedom to choose whatever fits the best to you ! 

So how about night time ?

After introducing the Mozi's daytime services, it's going to be 7 PM now. Time for the Mozi bar to open its doors.

Gently open the secret trapdoor of the Barbershop and you will discover an entire British pub with a strong difference from the Barber shop.

While the Barber side of the boutique looks typical, I would say that the bar is elegant and cosy. It is really aligned with the need of relaxation after work, as well as being suitable for a short drink after your haircut being done.

So if you're thinking of having a drink after work, and getting your haircut done, don't need to worry anymore, Mozi is here waiting for you.

What if you feel hungry ? 

No problem ! The considerate Mozi also has some meal to offer.

Mozi’s boss gently accepted to give Elsa an exclusive interview to learn some secrets about their dishes. Let's check what's under the hood !

Mozi Kitchen must-try appetizer - Matsusaka Fried mushrooms

When it comes to matsuzaka, the first thing that comes to our mind is the matsusaka pork.

But here, it's the "Matsusaka Fried Mushroom" that got the best order rate; a combination of matsusaka’s chewing feel, with Italian mushrooms, fusioned into a new style of cuisine.

The ingredients are generous, with plenty of pleurotus ostreatus assuring their own perfuming roles with perfection, paired with a nine-tier tower of spices and black pepper, accompanied by a special aged wine vinegar made by chef Mozi.

As an appetizer, we've rarely seen something better mixing Asian and Western cuisine with this level of excellence, as well as being very healthy and natural.

So if you're looking for an appetizer, stop thinking ! Just order it right now !

Recommended collocation - Negroni

The Negroni a very classic cocktail.

Mozi adopts the traditional gin and bitter wine approach, but secretly switch the Camperi with Aperol. The aim is to reduce the overall bitterness and wine flavour slightly and add some orange blossom water to retain the overall aroma and citrus aroma. Use the Reverse Dry Shake method to reduce the fishy taste and extend the time to taste the eggs.

Paired with some previously seen Matsusaka's bites, the same slight acidity makes this appetizer even better ! How clever !

Mozi Kitchen scotch eggs, English pub house dish

This traditional British home-cooked dish is a must-try in a place like Mozi. Traditionally, this dish is made with fresh, warm minced pork wrapped in eggs and dipped in bread flour.

In contrast to the traditional practice, Mozi is boiling the eggs semi-cooked. The uncooked egg yellow is covered with golden and crisp skin, combined with the strong meat flavour and special marinade seasoning, in order to deliver a wonderful taste! I'm really obsessed with egg cuisine so I highly recommended this dish to someone who also like that.

Suggested side drink: A cup of iced beer!

Mozi Kitchen - Discover this special late night snack

It may not be easy to understand this one, as Mozi selected within more than 10 traditional medicine ingredients to deliver a very unique and diverse taste. Trust me, you will feel amazing once you have the first bite.

The last but not the least - Mozi Bar Chinatown Hustler

Here's the ultimate Chinese and Western combination as a final tribute: bourbon whiskey at the base, a pinch of almond wine, oolong tea, longan red date tea and smoked plum. It tastes whiskey, but with a touch of tea fragrance and ebony flavour. If you're usually afraid of the bitter taste of whiskey, you should definitely try it !

After introducing so much about Mozi, I hope I gave you the desire to experience all of these amazing things all by yourself ! No matter if you're visiting them in the day or at night, the shop has so many clever ideas, which meet everyone's needs.

So don't wait any longer, book now one of our exclusive service with Mozi on eBeauty Asia !